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BAR-OIS Software Registration and Download

The Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) encourages all stations to obtain and use an OBD Inspection System (BAR-OIS) as soon as possible in order to become familiar with the equipment and to ensure it functions properly well in advance of the mandatory BAR-OIS start date.

Stations no longer need to wait for an email from their vendor to get started. After sending the DAD Disclosure Agreement to your DAD vendor, use your BAR-OIS computer to complete the registration and download process by clicking on the Register Now button below.

NOTE: The 2013 Smog Check Manual requires STAR stations to have both the BAR-OIS and the BAR-97 EIS when BAR-OIS use becomes mandatory. This guarantees the appropriate test equipment is available for consumers whose vehicles require an inspection at a STAR station. Other stations must have a BAR-OIS when inspecting most 2000 and newer gasoline powered, 1998 and newer diesel powered, and hybrid vehicles.

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