STAR Program

Welcome to the STAR Web page. Beginning January 2013, all stations that wish to certify directed and gross-polluting vehicles must meet specific performance standards under the proposed STAR Program. The new program is being developed in response to AB 2289 (Eng, Chapter 258, Statutes of 2010).

All licensed Smog Check stations and inspectors will have the ability to check their performance in meeting the new standards on this STAR Web page. The data shown on this site is intended to assist licensed Smog Check stations and inspectors in improving their performance prior to the start of the STAR Program in January 2013.

Feel free to explore and become familiar with this new page. By clicking on the hyperlink that points to the Report Card Terms, you can learn more about the STAR Program. For additional information regarding the STAR Program performance measures, eligibility requirements, and definitions see the Regulations that were adopted with Smog Check industry input to establish the program. If, after reviewing this page, you still have questions about the STAR Program, see the STAR Program General Information.

We welcome your input on the STAR Web page. For suggestions on ways to improve its usefulness for Smog Check stations and inspectors, please send us an email at As a result of your input, the STAR page may change. Thank you for taking the time to review the STAR page and for your interest in the STAR Program.

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