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ET Blast # 113803
The Bureau of Automotive Repair
All licensed stationsEquipment Type:BOTH,
Smog Check Equipment Security and Fraud Prevention Regulations Approved

On August 15, 2022, the Office of Administrative Law approved and filed with the Secretary of State the Bureau of Automotive Repair's (BAR) regulatory action concerning Smog Check equipment security and fraud prevention regulations.

The regulations require, no earlier than October 1, 2022, Smog Check inspectors to use biometric and web camera devices when performing a Smog Check and to allow BAR staff remote access to the inspection process via the internet when prompted by the BAR-OIS software. The regulations also require that Smog Check stations allow BAR access whenever inspections are being performed, even if the inspections occur outside normal business hours.

Notice of upcoming implementation and compliance dates, as well important information on obtaining equipment and scheduling a biometric enrollment appointment, will be made available at Licensees are encouraged to carefully review upcoming ET Blasts and other BAR notifications for additional updates.

Final rulemaking materials for this action will be posted by August 30 on BAR's Regulatory Actions page at
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