Household Income Eligibility Guidelines

ATTENTION APPLICANTS: Submit your CAP income documentation or check the status of your application online.

To be eligible for the Consumer Assistance Program’s repair assistance or $1,500 vehicle retirement incentive options, your gross household income must be less than or equal to 225% of the federal poverty level. Refer to the table below to determine if you meet this income eligibility requirement.

225% of the Federal Poverty Level

Number of
Persons in Family
Maximum ANNUAL
Gross Household Income
Gross Household Income
1 $33,885 $2,824
2 $45,990 $3,833
3 $58,095 $4,841
4 $70,200 $5,850
5 $82,305 $6,859
6 $94,410 $7,868
7 $106,515 $8,876
8 $118,620 $9,885
For families with more than 8 persons,
add the following amount
for each individual.
$12,105 $1,009

You may be required to provide documentation verifying your income before your application can be processed. A notice will be mailed to you if documentation is required.

To help avoid potential delays and expedite the processing of your application, we encourage you to submit this documentation verifying your income. You may upload acceptable documentation from ONE of the income categories below or mail to:

10949 North Mather Boulevard
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

Income Documentation Options

Option Income/Benefits You Receive Acceptable Documentation
1 Public Assistance A letter from issuing agency or bank statement verifying public assistance (e.g., Cal Fresh, CalWORKs, Medi-Cal, or SSI) funds issued to you within the past 60 days.
2 Unemployment, Disability, or Veteran’s Benefits A letter, check stub, or bank statement verifying funds issued to you within the past 60 days.
3 Social Security A letter, check, or bank statement verifying funds issued to you within the past 60 days.
4 Earned Wages - Tax Form AND Paycheck Stub Your Federal Tax Form 1040 or State Tax Form 540 filed in the most recent tax year AND a copy of a paycheck stub issued to you within the past 60 days reflecting your year-to-date earnings, hours worked, and hourly wage.
5 None of the Above – Wage History Report If you do not have documentation verifying your income eligibility, submit a Public Records Request to obtain a Wage History Report from the Employment Development Department (EDD). Within four weeks of receiving your request, EDD will mail you a Wage History Report verifying your reported wages, even if $0, for the last four available quarters. Upon receipt, you must submit this report to BAR/CAP for your application to be processed.

BAR encourages applicants to protect their personal identifiable information by redacting or removing confidential information from any required documentation verifying household income prior to submittal. Confidential documents received shall be securely discarded without reuse or distribution after BAR completes a formal review and determination of income eligibility. Examples of confidential information include, but are not limited to: Social Security numbers; birth dates; taxpayer identification numbers; names of minor children; case numbers; medical records; and brokerage, bank, or other financial account numbers.