STAR Station Application Process

All directed and gross-polluting vehicles must be certified by STAR-certified Smog Check stations. To become STAR-certified, stations must apply for certification and meet the specific inspection-based performance standards.

Verify the station meets STAR eligibility requirements.

Stations are eligible if they:

  • have been in business for at least one quarter;
  • do not have any applicable enforcement action against the station owners, partners, corporate officers, members, managers, or any employed inspectors; and
  • pass the STAR performance measures.

New scores may be published between the time the application is submitted and when it is processed. All STAR applications will be evaluated based on the data from the most recent calendar quarter available when the application is processed.

Determine the station type and apply for a Smog Check station license.

After verifying the station is eligible for STAR certification, determine which station type is appropriate for the station: test-only or test-and-repair.

To become a Smog Check station or change the station type, submit an Application for Smog Check Station License with the application fee and pass a station inspection. Read and complete all requirements as identified on the application.

Schedule an appointment for a station visit.

After the application is processed, a BAR field representative will schedule an appointment to verify compliance with all station requirements and change the EIS unit to the new station type and license number. This process takes a few days, during which the station will be unable to perform Smog Check inspections. BAR will work with the station to minimize the impact on the station’s business.

Apply for STAR certification.

Submit a STAR Station Certification Application. There are no fees or station inspections required when applying for the STAR Program unless it is a new Smog Check station or change in station type.

Receive notification from BAR.

BAR will notify the applicant when the application has been evaluated. If the application is deficient, the station owner will be notified. If the application is approved, the station owner will need to order appropriate materials, including station signage. If the application is denied, the station owner will be mailed appeal procedures.

STAR test-and-repair stations apply for the Consumer Assistance Program (CAP).

STAR test-and-repair stations are required to participate in CAP. Therefore, additional documents are mailed to applicants when BAR Licensing has approved a STAR test-and-repair station application. A Station Questionnaire and Payee Data Record must be completed and returned to CAP. CAP will use these forms to create a Standard Agreement. Once the Standard Agreement has been completed and the required training has been verified, BAR will notify the station owner. Please allow up to two weeks for BAR to process an application for the STAR Program.