Regulatory Actions

The following information is provided in accordance with Government Code section 11340.85, which requires that an agency post its regulatory action information on its website. A copy of any document posted on this page may be downloaded and printed. Anyone who is unable to view, download, or print any of the posted documents may request a copy by contacting the contact person listed in each “Notice of Proposed Regulatory Action” or by submitting a request here.

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How to Participate

Click on the "Notice of Proposed Regulatory Action" to obtain details on how interested persons may present statements or arguments relevant to a proposed regulatory action in writing, by email, by fax at (916) 464-3424, or by attending public hearings. Comments may also be submitted by clicking on the following link: Submit your comments on proposed regulations here. When submitting comments, please include the title of the proposed regulatory action relevant to your statements or arguments.

Some of the documents below are in the Adobe portable document format (PDF). To use these files, you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available for free from Adobe Systems. Some PDF documents are write-protected, which means you cannot alter them. Adobe Acrobat Reader version 1.0 cannot read write-protected files. Please download a newer version if you are currently using Acrobat 1.0.

Regulatory Actions Hearing Date

Consumer Assistance Program Updates


Rehabilitation and Substantial Relationship Criteria
(Sections 3395 and 3395.2)


Correction of Cross References, Punctuation, Redundancy, and Adding Conformity with Statute
(Sections 3303, 3352, 3353, and 3356)