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Bureau of Automotive Repair


The Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) protects the health and interests of California consumers by administering an effective vehicle emissions reduction program and ensuring quality automotive repair services from its licensees.


BAR will be acknowledged as a world leader in protecting and promoting the interests of consumers and in developing innovative and cost-effective approaches to reducing vehicular emissions through the Smog Check Program.


As a government agency dedicated to protecting California consumers and the environment, BAR values:

  • ACCOUNTABILITY – We are accountable to the people of California and stakeholders and encourage communication from all individuals on the programs we regulate.
  • INTEGRITY – We communicate with truthfulness and make ethical decisions consistent with BAR’s mandates and mission without consideration of self-interest.
  • EMPLOYEES – We value our employees and provide them with superior service and support.
  • EFFICIENCY – We strive to deliver high-quality services to all, both inside and outside of the organization, with efficient use of all available resources.
  • INNOVATION – We are progressive and initiate new ideas and concepts to improve the automotive repair industry and deliver quality services to the public.