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ET Blast # 34105
The Bureau of Automotive Repair
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As a reminder, Smog Check Inspectors must check that all required Catalytic Converters (CATs), OEM or Aftermarket, are present and appear to be properly installed. This includes making sure there are the correct number of CATs, that they are installed in the original location(s), and that they have no tampers or defects.

For Aftermarket CATs, inspectors must use the following additional procedures:

All aftermarket CATS installed in California on or after January 1, 2009 must be equipped with an Executive Order or EO number. For older CATs without an EO number, inspector shall use the general procedure described in the first paragraph above.

For OBDII Equipped Vehicles, inspectors shall use the EO number and corresponding part number to verify the application for each specific vehicle. To verify application, inspectors must check the ARB EO Aftermarket Catalytic Converter Database located on the ARB Web site. Each EO contains a catalog listing the applicable vehicles.

For Pre-OBDII Vehicles, inspectors shall use the EO number to verify the CAT falls within the correct vehicle category, either PC-1, PC-2, T-1, or T-2. Refer to the ARB Web site for a separate Pre-OBDII EO Listing containing the EO numbers and corresponding vehicle categories. Inspectors are not required to check specific vehicle application using the series or part numbers.

The ARB EO Aftermarket Catalytic Converter Database and Pre-OBDII EO Listing are located at

This ET Blast replaces the July 11, 2009 ET Blast and is intended to provide information to inspectors conducting a Smog Check inspection only. It does not apply to catalytic converter installers, manufacturers or dealers. In all cases, installers must follow the ARB Installers Checklist for New Aftermarket Catalytic Converters, available on the ARB Web site.

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