STAR Station Results

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Station Information
Station Number: 205725
License Type: TEST ONLY
Station Name: PROF SMOG
Address: 730 SAN PABLO AVE BLDG 5 #1
BAR Field Office: HERCULES
Current Station Status: STAR Certified

This station's current quarter STAR result is Pass. However, the station's STAR status may be affected by prior failing results, which can be reviewed by clicking the tabs above and reviewing prior periods.

Current Quarter STAR Results
Overall Result Pass
Short-Term Measures Pass
Follow-Up Pass Rate Pass
Inspector(s) Currently Listed in Analyzer(s)
Inspector Number Inspector Name

* Denotes the end of the most current evaluation quarter.
Test Deviations State Average by VLT ID Standard Station Average Incidents Results
Fuel Cap Not Performed 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% OK
Evap Not Performed 0.26% 0.32% 0.00% OK
Timing Not Performed 0.52% 0.65% 0.00% OK
OBDII Not Performed 0.04% 0.05% 0.00% OK
Max Readiness Monitors 3.04% N/A 4.15%** N/A
ASM Restarts 4.77% 5.96% 0.00% OK
Aborted Tests 2.36% 2.95% 0.00% OK

Performance Measures State Average Standard Station Result Result
Total Test Deviations 1 Allowed 0 Pass
Incorrect Gear Selection 2.00% Allowed 0.00% Pass
Similar Vehicle Failure Rate 8.11% 4.06% 12.14% Pass
Overall Short-Term Result:  Pass

✗ - Denotes a value that is not calculated.
* - Denotes insufficient data to calculate score.
** - Denotes a station’s rate that is outside the allowable limits may have passing marks, because there is not enough data to statistically validate that result.

January 14, 2021 - To Present
Station Follow-up Pass Rate score: 0.61
Inspector Number Inspector Name FPR Score Entered Into EIS Removed From EIS Comments
36093 WALES, LAWRENCE 0.60 9/1/1999 9:15:47 AM

'No Score' denotes insufficient data to calculate score.

This Web page does not show enforcement-related actions that would be cause for decertification from, or denial of certification to, the STAR Program. The STAR evaluation relative to these requirements will be made independently by BAR after a station has applied for STAR certification.