STAR Technician Results

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Inspector Information
Inspector Number 304705

* Denotes the end of the most current evaluation quarter.

✗ - Denotes a value that is not calculated.
* - Denotes insufficient data to calculate score.
** - Denotes a station’s rate that is outside the allowable limits may have passing marks, because there is not enough data to statistically validate that result.

Inspector Follow-up Pass Rate (FPR) Summary
Scores applicable as of: FPR
Jul 2020 No Score
Jan 2020 No Score
Jul 2019 No Score
Jan 2019 No Score
Jul 2018 No Score
Jan 2018 No Score
Jul 2017 No Score
Jan 2017 No Score
Jul 2016 No Score
Jan 2016 No Score
Jul 2015 No Score
Jan 2015 No Score
Jul 2014 No Score
Jan 2014 No Score
Jul 2013 No Score
Jan 2013 No Score
Jul 2012 No Score
Jan 2012 No Score
Jul 2011 No Score