Individual Licenses

Licensure information for Smog Check inspectors, Smog Check repair technicians, and brake and lamp adjusters

ALERT: BAR’s license examination contractor, PSI, is experiencing license printing delays of up to 90 days. If you have passed an examination for Smog Check licensure with BAR and need to be placed in a station analyzer while waiting for your license, please bring your passing exam results and a government issued photo ID showing your full name to your nearest BAR field office for assistance.


License Renewal

Smog Check Inspectors and Repair Technicians

Smog Check inspectors and Smog Check repair technicians must renew their licenses every two years.

For more information, see the renewal requirement below. Visit the Online License Renewal page to begin the renewal process.

Brake and Lamp Adjusters

Brake and lamp adjuster licenses expire every four years. Licensed adjusters do not renew their license, but rather resubmit an initial application and fees to retake the examination prior to their license expiration date.