The Average Passing Emissions displayed below are calculated from certified vehicles tested in the three (3) most recent completed calendar quarters. Please note that the average passing emissions values displayed on this look-up page may be different from the average passing emissions printed on a Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR). The emissions standard is determined by comparing final tailpipe readings from like, or similar vehicles, from BAR’s Vehicle Information Database (VID). The Average Passing Emissions standard does not utilize any data from training mode or aborted tests, only tests resulting in a certification count. This Average Passing Emissions information is a tool to assist you in meeting Gold Shield performance criteria and maintaining the Gold Shield station certification. In order to improve the accuracy of the average tailpipe emissions data, the current quarter results are not finalized until the quarter is completed. For this reason, the Average Passing Emissions standard is not static, and may vary from quarter to quarter. For additional information or assistance in meeting the Gold Shield Certification criteria, see the link below to the “Gold Shield Station Tip Sheet,” or you may contact BAR's Gold Shield Unit at (916) 255-1326.

Gold Shield Station Tip Sheet
BAR recommends using the VIN to obtain the most accurate results as a vehicle's plate number may change.
      Station Number: Please Enter Valid Station Number i.e. (12345) not (RC12345).