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Regulatory Actions

The following information is provided in accordance with Government Code Section 11340.8, which requires agencies with a public Internet site to post regulatory action information on that website. Click on the links below to review information regarding any posting. A copy of any document posted on this page may be printed or downloaded directly from this web page. Anyone who is unable to view, print, or download any of the posted documents may also request a copy from the contact person listed in each Notice of Proposed Action.

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How to Participate:
Click on the "Notice of Proposed Action" to obtain specific date and location detail on how interested persons may present statements or arguments in writing, by email, by fax at (916) 464-3424, or by attending hearings. You may wish to submit your comment on draft regulations by sending an email including the subject line "Comment on BAR File No." with the file number. For example, "Comment BAR File No. 97.1." To email your comment, click on this link: Submit your Comments on Draft Regulations Here

Some of the documents below are in the Adobe portable document format (PDF). To use these files, you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available for free from Adobe Systems. Some PDF documents are write-protected, which means you cannot alter them. Adobe Acrobat Reader version 1.0 cannot read write-protected files. Please download a newer version if you are currently using Acrobat 1.0.

BAR Regulatory Files and Affected Regulation
Hearing or Action Date(s)

File 2014_237: Smog Check Inspector and Repair technician Application (Section 100)
(Section 3340.29)


File 2013_237: Vehicle Registration Amnesty Program (Section 100)
(Section 3340.38)


File 2013_235: Ignition Interlock Devices
(Section 3363.1, 3363.2, 3363.3, & 3363.4)


File 2012_229: Consumer Assistance Program - Administrative Terms and Participation Eligibility
(Sections 3394.2, 3394.3, & 3394.4)


File 2011_221: Smog Check Inspection Procedures
(Sections 3340.1, 3340.16, 3340.16.4, 3340.16.5, 3340.17, 3340.18, 3340.42, 3340.42.2, and 3340.45)


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