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Resolving Disputes and Reporting Complaints

Steps in This Section

At some point all of us will need to take our vehicles into an automotive repair shop, whether it's for routine maintenance like oil changes and tune-ups, or more extensive work like collision repairs.

You should normally feel confident that a repair facility will do the work properly and for a reasonable price. However, when you believe work has not been done properly, or that you have not been treated fairly by an automotive repair dealer, it's important that you have a place to turn to for help. That place is the Bureau of Automotive Repair.

The steps in this section should help you get the most from the BAR complaint process

1) How can BAR help me?

This step lets you know your rights as a consumer, and what you can do if you have a problem.

2) How do I file a complaint?

This step tells you how and where to file a complaint

3) How does BAR resolve my complaint?

This step tells you what BAR does during the complaint process.

4) What happens if we don't reach an agreement?

This step tells you what your options are when an agreement was not obtained.